This song is Indestructable by Disturbed.
The Maze of Bones

In the beginning Grace Cahill makes a new will then,unfortunately,she dies.At her funeral Dan and Amy Cahill have the choice of taking one million dollars and forgetting about Grace Cahill then leave or embark on a hunt to become the most powerful Cahill in the world,ever. They choose to embark on the hunt.

In the middle Uncle Alistar Oh is ambushed by the Kabra children,who want The Poor Richards Almanac by Benjamin Franklin.Then he is ambushed by the Holts by punching him in the face and steal The Poor Richards Almanac.

In the end Amy and Dan Cahill have a vial with an anagram on it,but Amy gives it away because Ian Kabra wants the vial and says that Dan is poisoned and he has the antidote as long as he gets the vial.Amy and Dan got the vial by finding a church that had a gravestone with an arrow pointing down. They dig down and find a stone blocking the path to an underground storage room with faded murals on the wall.The vial was sitting on a pedestal in the underground storage room.
If you want to know how this story ends you should read the book.