logan2.jpgexternal image 51nvRan1WbL._SL500_.jpgA late twenties man who was born in Kent England named Adam Blade is the author of this book. In Adam's childhood he was home-schooled by his parents. Adam's father was a painter of famous English battles. Adam liked his fathers niknaks like the sword and shield on the wall. and they were passed down through generations. Later in Adam's life, he chose his career as a writer. Adam Blade has writer's block for a long time. When he remembered his childhood memory of his father's sword and shield, the writer's block ended. This memory inspired him to create a character named Tom.

Beast Quest

The beginning: Tom , Elinnda ,and their two animal companions,Thunder and Silver are on a
quest to look for the last of the beast. Tom an Elinnda have grown tired. Then Tom an Elinnda past a
village ,Tom wanted to stop but they know they have to keep on going. Then a volcano starts to erupt and large clouds of smoke start to come out of a volcano . Small stones fall from the sky. Tom and Elinnda notice that the flamed rocks are coming from the volcano they head to a near by tree.
The middle: The falling rocks stop, but the smoke is still around the volcano an on the ground like mist.
They check the nearby village because it is very close to the volcano. They go back to the village, they see a slow stream of molten lava heading toward the village. Tom meets a large group of men who need his help.
End: Later, Tom and Elinnda go inside the caves of the volcano and find the exit blocked off. Then someone from the other side of the caves opened the exit up to save everyone. But Tom stayed behind to stop Epos.
You need to read the book to find out what happens.