Demon in My View
In the beginning Jessica had her first day of senior year. In the class she met Caryn, Jessica didn't like her at all. The next day their was a new kid, his name was Alex. At lunch time Jessica didn't want to sit in the lunch room and have to smell the horrifying mystery meat, so she went out to the courtyard and sat at a table there, she started to draw when Alex walked up and sat with her.

In the middle Aubrey (Alex/ vampire) had talked to Fala Spat (vampire) about killing Ash Night (Jessica), Fala asked why Alex didn't kill her already, Alex couldn't answer that then but Fala convinced him to say that he liked her. Jessica, Anne,Caryn,and Hasana were on their way to church when a vampire appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Anne, and started sucking her blood, Hasana tried to help her but she was gone. Hasana convinced Jessica to go and stay with her and Caryn.That night Jessica had gone to New Mayhem to ask why Aubrey (Alex) hadn't killed her already, Alex took Jessica's hair away from her neck and tilted her head and pressed his lips against her neck as if he was going to suck her blood but then he asked Jessica if she was scared now she said no because he wouldn't do that to her