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Dragon's Keep.

Abo: Rosalind is a small town girl princess. But the princess has a little secret, only her mom knows about ----- her dragon finger. Throughout this book a young girl fights to keep her identity safe. Rosalind always has to keep her white gloves on, knowing kids would tease and try to mistake her as a "witch" knowing that a dragon roams her town, haunting them, stocking them.
In the beginning Magda, Rosalind's closest friends dies from the terrorizing beast. Her mom keeps going, looking for a cure for her daughter. One lady came about, her name was Demitra. Demitra was a so called "curer". Rosalind knew something was wrong, but her mom didn't listen. Rosalind thought that she was a very bad person, and she was right. Rosalind ran away from Demitra's house and soon came face to face with the flesh eating best, soon eating a farmer.
In the middle, Demitra cought Rosalind and squesed hot mustard to soften the dragon skin. Soon, after it was softened, Demitra ripped the skin off her but it grew back with purple.
Close to the ending... The villagers thought Demitra was a witch so they started up to demitra's home and started to kill her. But, you will just have to read the book to find out what happens to Rosalind!!