Harris and Meby. Gary Paulson
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The main character in this fantastic realistic fiction Harris and Me does not address his own name. He is sent to the Larsons relatives for the whole summer with his Uncle Knute, Aunt Clair and cousins, Glennis and Harris, because of his parents alcohol addiction. Harris has ideas that don't always go well . One time he tried to hook up a washing machine engine to his bike crashed into a hill and lost his clothes. Another time he tried to be like Tarzan and tie an old rope to a tree swing off the granary go through the barn window and land in the hay it didn't go very well. Harris also tried tto jump off the barn onto Bill one of the horses well he jumped off landed on Bill's butt which was wider than his back and cracked his groin. Harris .
and Me is a fantastic read that will have endless rereads