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Characters are
: Dustfinger, Meggie, Mo, Elinor, Basta, Capricorn, Fraid, and Gwin.
In the beginning Mo got an unwanted visit from Dustfinger who convinced them as them I mean Mo and Meggie to go south. They ended up going to Elinor's house where they stayed until an unwelcome visit from Basta and some other men working for Capricorn ( a heartless man) took Mo away from the others. They also took a book that Capricorn wanted. Dustfinger told Elinor and Meggie where Capricorn was and when they showed up they became prisoners. Dustfinger busted them out and they escaped only to almost be caught again.
In the middle Mo, Meggie, Fraid, Elinor, and Dustfinger walked to the coast where the people and the sea was so it takes Basta longer to find them. Elinor goes home and Mo and Meggie go to Fenoglio's house ( Fenoglio is the author of Inkheart) to try to get another copy of Inkheart. Fenoglio had no more copies so Mo worked for him(Mo is a bookbinder) until he goes to meet Elinor at the airport because Capricorn burnt all her books. Mo leaves and Meggie got captured by Basta and takes her back to Capricorn only to find out that she can read objects out of books like her father. Capricorn keeps her in his house. They also took Fenoglio with them and he wrote a new ending for Inkheart. Meggie was supposed to read the Shadow out of Inkheart to kill Capricorns prisoners. Dustfinger tried to get the book Inkheart from Capricorn and got one of his maids to try and find it but they both got caught and put into hanging nets. Mo and Elinor find Basta's name ingraved in the wood of the dresser and went to go find Meggie in Capricorn's village.
Read the book to see what happens to Meggie!
The song you hear is Alive by P.O.D.
The song connects to my story because Mo tries to protect Meggie from all his scerets and makes her feel like she is living a normal life when it's all a lie. Meggie thinks nothing is better than living with Mo and she feels safe being in his presence. She feels like she's invinsible.