Martin the Warrior is a story of a adventurous mouse that is captured by an evil stoat named Badrang and brought to the fortress Marshank. In the beginning Martin is captured by Badrang and brought to fortress Marshank to work as a slave. In the middle an interesting corsair named Tramun Clogg comes to marshank looking for Badrang thinking he would give him some slaves to operate his ship the 'Seascarab.'
Tramun trys to kill Badrang but is stopped when badrang sees him coming and throughs him out of the castle. Expecting a attack from Tramun any minute.
Then all of a sudden Tramun attacks the fortress,as Grumm [a friend of martin the warrior.] Broke in to the cellor that martin and his slave friends were kept. In the end Grumm,martin,rose,felldoh and brome escape the horrid fortress in all the fighting but still barely get away in one of the corsairs longboats.But then get separated because of a storm and a giant fish.

In June 15th 1939 , in Liverpool England a boy was born named Brian Jacques.
Then when he was ten he was asked by his teacher to write a story about animals.
Brian Jacques then finished school at the age of 15.
Then Brian Jacques became a merchant seaman and went to far distant lands like San Francisco,Yokohama,New York.
He was also at one time a stand up comedian.
Then Brian Jacques became a playwrite he wrote plays such as Brown Bitter, Wet Nellies, and Scouse.
He also wrote his first book as a book for the blind.
Brian Jacques also had a radio show on BBC until October 2006.
His first book[Redwall] was never meant to be published but when one of his teachers from his childhood Alan Durband read his book he brought Jacques book to a publisher were it was published to Jacques surprise.
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external image Martin_the_Warrior.jpgother titles from this author are:Redwall,Luke the legend,The long patrol,Mossflower,The Bellmaker,The Outcaster of Redwall,Pearls of Lutra,Mattimeo,Marlfox,Taggerung,Lord Brocktree,Triss, Rakkey Tam,Salamandastrom,and those are just the ones that I found In Mrs. Roy's classroom
Read the fantastic Brian Jacque book to find out what happens next.