matilda2.jpgachampoli3.jpgMatilda wormwood lives in a little town in England.she is four years old and lives wit her parents.Her parents don't know how smart Matilda say she is a wise guy.Matilda would go down to the library and read for hours,the librarian Mrs Phelps was amazed.

Matilda starts school and meets her teacher Miss Honey. Miss Honey conforts Matilda by her gentle nature and doesn't make Matilda feel different than the others.Later that day Miss Honey learns how intelligent Matilda is.Matilda finds out about Miss Trunchbull and how mean she was.So one day Matilda heard that Miss Trunchbull was Miss Honey's aunt that terroized her.Matilda decided to get her back so she figured out she could move things in mid air by her eyes energy.She thought she could do anything.

Miss Honey gets her fathers house after Miss Trunchbull runs away from the haunted message.Matilda goes over to Miss Honey's house often and has tea with her.One day Matilda finds out that her family is moving to Spain and is shocked.