Shadow of a Bull

Manolo has turned 9 and he looks more like his father more then ever. He has the same long nose which is a sing of bravery where he from. He knew most his life he is a coward unlike his father. His mom finally though Manolo was old enough to know the story of his father's death. Manolo was 3 and his father was in a bull fight against Patatero but the horn went right through him and the bull died at that instant.

Juan and Manolo snuck out at 2 in the morning. They went to the bull fighting ring to use a circus bull to help Manolo practice. Juan showed Manolo how to bull fight. Then Manolo tried but messed up so they put the bull away. But Manolo said he would never bull fight again.

Manolo is finally in a bull fighting ring. The Count talked to him in a room Manolo thought it would be a good place to think if your alone. There where bull heads on the wall like one looked like Patatero. But then Manolo didn't bull fight but someone did.