in the begginng of the dark hills divide Alexa Dayley goes to Bridewell every summer for the past five the middle Alexa goes to the library and while Alexa is in the library her father Silus is in the dining hall with a few other men one of there names was Nicolas his father was one of Alexa's best friends who had died and his mother had died awhile after that when Alexa asked Nicolas what was around his neck and he said that it was a Jocasta which is a special rock that can only be read by a printers glass and so the next day Alexa went to the library and found a printers glass she tried to read one on a cats coller it scratched her then the librarian took her to the kitchen and wash it up a the whole book to see what Alexa does with Pervis,Darius and Yipesexternal image DarkHillsDivide-742570.jpgCHARDENa.jpg.