external image twilight.jpgTwilight Bailey Crawford
Sixteen year old Bella Swan moved to Forks,Washington with her father, Charlie. Bella's mother and step father went to Florida for baseball. Bella saw this god like family. When Bella's life almost met an end. Her Knight in Shinning armor saved her his name was Edward, Edward Cullen. His reflexes were like nothing anyones ever seen. His eye changes with his mood. His skin was pail and ice cold. He never gets hurt no matter what happens to him. When Bella hears from an old myth from an old friend Jake Black she dose some research of her own and all the thing that just described Edward is the same exact thing that described VAMPIRES. After Bella and Edward met each others family things went WRONG! Not only was Bella in the middle of nowhere. She was in the middle of nowhere with a family of VAMPIRES! The Cullen's are a good type of vampires they don't eat human blood only animal blood. Bad vampires found the Cullen's and Bella. James and "the female" was after Bella. SO THE CHASE BEGINS!